No Capo, No Problem. Transpose It!

Hi :)  If you need any tab transposed to remove the capo or to just move the capo to a different fret,  let me know.

If a tab calls for the use of a capo you have to use one in order for the song to sound correct.  Everything I do is tabbed directly along with the actual song – not my singing or from a cover on youtube (unless it’s a cover that I’m actually tabbing, lol.)

By transposing, the chords will change with each fret transposed to.   This makes a song stay in the same key as the original :)  By changing the capo and not transposing the chords, you will not be in the same key as the original song.  Some prefer this to get to a better vocal range.


*Steps Down– Moving the capo to a higher fret number (from 1st to 4th..)

*Steps Up– Moving the capo to a lower fret number (from 5th to 2nd…)

(Note-  All my tabs are already the easiest version they can be and still play right along with the song.  If you think a tab could be easier and want to transpose to remove a hard chord,  just know that after transposing there would be many hard chords, not just one!)


Click here to read more about transposing!



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