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No Capo, No Problem. Transpose It!

Hi :) I posted this a year ago but am re-posting because I’ve had some emails like “I don’t have a capo…” or a recent comment “This is wrong…” (they’re not using a capo). I can help you with transposing!

HOW TO: Tuning Your Guitar

This tutorial is great for beginners learning how to tune their guitar. I use the app ‘gStrings’- for android, he uses ‘Guitar Tuner Squared’ for iPhones/iPads. It really is easy and he couldn’t be any clearer in his instruction :) Tuning actually begins at -03:51- if you want to skip the basic introduction of tuning.

Easy Guitar Picking- One Direction “Little Things”

Easy Guitar Picking- One Direction “Little Things”     Hi :)  Finally got the picking tutorial up for  “Little Things” :)  Check it out! LLG♥    

Figuring Out Guitar Chords- Technique Or Talent?

Figuring Out Guitar Chords- Technique Or Talent?   Hi there!  I had this comment on the “About LLG♥”page- “hey can you suggest how to find guitar chords yourself?” I thought “What a great question! I can do another ‘HH&T’ post!”  (Helpful hints and tips.)  So here’s my reply:                                                                                       IT’S  ALL  IN  THE  EAR! I’ve been told that I just have an “ear for it”, but it’s not like I just hear a song and immediately pick up my guitar and play it- However,  that has happened quite a few times and I have to tell ya, it is awesome when it does ;)  Anyway, below are the steps I use that may help you….or not.  Maybe it is all in the ear ;)   I HAVE THE SONG AND ITS LYRICS READY TO GO. First off, I always have the song I’m trying to figure out in my itunes. (Or on the link if it’s a request and I […]

How To Read And Play Guitar Tabs

How To Read And Play Guitar Tabs     Hi!  Here’s another “HH&T” (Helpful hints & tips.)   I had a request from instagram to explain guitar tabs, so here goes….   So by now, you’re getting pretty good at transitioning between the 4 or 5 chords you’ve learned and you’re starting to feel some confidence playing some songs.  You’re feeling good that this whole guitar playing thing is finally progressing.   What do you do next?  You look up your favorite song because you really want to play it.  What you find is a bunch of letters, lines, dashes and numbers. Now what do you do?  What does it all mean?   One Direction “Half A Heart” G (x4) D/F# (x2) Em7 (x2) C (x2) e|———3——————2—————–0—————–0———–| B|———3–3—3———–3–3—3———-3–3—3———-1–1—1—-| G|——0——-0———-2——-2———0——-0———0——-0——| D|—————————————————————————-| A|———————————————————–3—————-| E|—3——————2—————–0———————————–| G D/F# So your friends been telling me Em7 You’ve been sleeping with my sweater C And that you can’t stop missing me Guitar tablature is a method of music notation.  It’s simple and easy to read (yeah, right!), but not as precise like sheet music is for other instruments.   First of all here’s a pic of the neck of your guitar.  Below it I’ve put the tab […]