Ryan Ike- Heavy Hands Guitar Chords/Tab

Ryan Ike- Heavy Hands Guitar Chords/Tab (Where the Water Taste Like Wine Trailer Score)

Ryan Ike- Heavy Hands Guitar Chords/Tab (Where the Water Taste Like Wine Trailer Score).   Featuring: Ryan Ike: Composition, Arranging & Lyrics.  Joshua Du Chene: Guitar & Male Vocals.  May Claire La Plante: Female Vocals.   Max Wolpert: Fiddle.

Live Love Guitar song request guitar chords for: MightyDucks99

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I forgot about this tab!  It got tough figuring out the picking in spots so I’d have to just leave it and work on it here and there (as long as my frustration was in check, lol)- I’m just not that good at figuring out picking!  Then, through the holidays I completely forgot about it! You did say you weren’t in a hurry ;)  But here it is and I tried!!

Here's the intro picking:


Here's the other picking

    Em      G        Dsus4   A      G   Gsus2  A
  ..turn    cold       stay..worry..calm or    quell
      eyes..  blue

NOTE: A chord that has a '+' with it means to add your pinky on the high e string.
When I looked up chord names the C and Em were both still C and Em so that's how I 
differentiated between the same chords played different when there's not another 
name for the chord.

(*= one strum)



If I turn my eyes
From these cold blue skies
      Dsus4   A
Won't stay my worry
      G*   Gsus2* A*x4
Won't calm or     quell

      C*     D* 
I can say my piece
      Em*    Em+* D*
I can barter my   tale
      C*      D*
Won't ease my burden
      G*    D* E*   Em*
But I might as well

There's a heavy hand
Laid across this land
       Dsus4     A
And it steers my journey
       G*     Gsus2* A*x4
And it guides my     pen

      C*       D*
Press on, head high
         Em*     Em+* D
'Til the ink has run  dry
          C*          D*
'Cause my story ain't like
        G*   D* E* E*  Em* Em*
To wind home a--gain

     G   D   E  
e|---3---2-------------------|    Here's the little picking for this part
B|---3---3---0--3-2----------|    'To wind home a--gain'or you can just 
G|---0---2---1---------------|    strum the chords I have placed.

C* C+* C*  D* A*

Em*  A*  C*  C+*  D* Dsus4* D* Dsus2*  E*



Have fun playing these guitar chords! LLG♥
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