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Figuring Out Guitar Chords- Technique Or Talent?

Figuring Out Guitar Chords- Technique Or Talent?   Hi there!  I had this comment on the “About LLG♥”page- “hey can you suggest how to find guitar chords yourself?” I thought “What a great question! I can do another ‘HH&T’ post!”  (Helpful hints and tips.)  So here’s my reply:                                                                                       IT’S  ALL  IN  THE  EAR! I’ve been told that I just have an “ear for it”, but it’s not like I just hear a song and immediately pick up my guitar and play it- However,  that has happened quite a few times and I have to tell ya, it is awesome when it does ;)  Anyway, below are the steps I use that may help you….or not.  Maybe it is all in the ear ;)   I HAVE THE SONG AND ITS LYRICS READY TO GO. First off, I always have the song I’m trying to figure out in my itunes. (Or on the link if it’s a request and I […]

Capo’s and Transposing…

    So, I’ve had a lot of inquiries over the few years I’ve been playing, about capo’s.  “How can I play this without a capo?” (transpose it!), “I don’t have a capo and when I play this it sounds very wrong” (because it needs to be transposed to remove the capo!), “You talk about transposing.  What is that?” and on and on.  Here’s some explanations :) “What is a capo?”  It’s a tool used to change the pitch of your guitar.  The higher the fret number it’s placed on, the higher the pitch. “What is transposing?” Transposing is changing the key you’re playing in. “Will transposing combined with the use of a capo, keep the song in the same key?” -Yes and no.  Say a song using no capo is in the key of ‘A’.  If you transposed down 2 half steps and put a capo on the 2nd fret, that ‘A’ becomes a ‘G’ so yes, the key ‘technically’ changes but only because an ‘A’ transposed down 2 frets becomes a ‘G’. Make sense?  The transposed chords will still play right along with the song as if you were using no capo and still in they key of  ‘A’.   All chords will change depending on what fret […]