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Your First Guitar? Tips and hints to help you learn quick!

Your First Guitar? Tips and hints to help you learn quick!   Hi all :)  So anyone get a new guitar for Christmas- Their first guitar?  Playing guitar has been an incredible experience for me and I want everyone who is wanting to learn to be able to, without getting frustrated and giving up!  I hope somehow, someway everyone  can find themselves to this site!  I think I have very simple, easy to play songs on here!  And I answer all question and try my hardest to make everything understandable ;) I started doing my own tabs/chords because being self  taught, I needed the chord placement exactly where the chord change was happening!  It was very confusing having chords sporadically placed above the lyrics. So my tab’s/chords are very precise and it makes it easier!   I then realized I kind of have an ear for figuring out songs and everything just rolled from there!  Who knew!  Someone with no musical experience of any sorts could do this!  That’s why I think anyone can learn to play guitar!! I’m gonna start posting tips that I wish I had known back then, when I was trying to teach myself how to […]

Capo’s and Transposing…

    So, I’ve had a lot of inquiries over the few years I’ve been playing, about capo’s.  “How can I play this without a capo?” (transpose it!), “I don’t have a capo and when I play this it sounds very wrong” (because it needs to be transposed to remove the capo!), “You talk about transposing.  What is that?” and on and on.  Here’s some explanations :) “What is a capo?”  It’s a tool used to change the pitch of your guitar.  The higher the fret number it’s placed on, the higher the pitch. “What is transposing?” Transposing is changing the key you’re playing in. “Will transposing combined with the use of a capo, keep the song in the same key?” -Yes and no.  Say a song using no capo is in the key of ‘A’.  If you transposed down 2 half steps and put a capo on the 2nd fret, that ‘A’ becomes a ‘G’ so yes, the key ‘technically’ changes but only because an ‘A’ transposed down 2 frets becomes a ‘G’. Make sense?  The transposed chords will still play right along with the song as if you were using no capo and still in they key of  ‘A’.   All chords will change depending on what fret […]