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Just Ugh!!!! PC Problems….

Hi guys! If you haven’t seem my instagram post, my computer is broke :(   Well all I can say is that I’m working on it!  First two fix attempts were a fail, so to the third, a new motherboard. I am receiving all your song requests but everything is on hold- I can’t tab with out my pc!  (I’m at a friends house right now to even get this out to you guys!) I’m going absolutely crazy!  I have people counting on their requests being posted and feel totally helpless right now. So hang in there with me! Hopefully I can get this problem fixed in a couple more days!   Thanks! Christy :)


Childish Gambino- “Heartbeat” Guitar Chords

Here you go Glasses! Ugh, those lyrics tho… (I am a mother…) I guess the word ‘Dirty’ next to the title should have tipped me off…


Ruth B- “Lost Boy” Guitar Chords

Here you go Serafina! Great song :)

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