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Jerry Cantrell- DYING INSIDE Guitar Chords

Here you go Jeremiah. My brain is dead because of the interlude of this song :/ You better enjoy it!! And- I tried!!


Nathan Grisdale- TOO YOUNG TO DIE Guitar Chords

Here you go Lauren :) What a message this song has… We must STOP ONLINE BULLYING. Just stop. How one person could say to another that they should end their life, is incomprehensible to me. It’s these “bullies” own lack of self confidence that fuels that behavior in the first place. If you were happy with yourself, why on earth would you want to bring others down? You wouldn’t, plain and simple. Please step up and step in if you see bullying happening. Awareness, awareness, awareness. My favorite npo (non-profit organization), Kind Campaign, has wonderful resources with ways to help and ways to heal. “You can sit with us” :)