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As of 2/17/17:   471 song requests completed :)


Song Chord/Tab Request   Can’t find a tab for the song you want to play?  Maybe I can Help! Fill out the form below and don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE:)   Note:  DO NOT SEND REQUESTS FOR ELECTRIC GUITAR SOLOS/RIFFS OR PICKING PATTERNS FOR DIFFICULT SONGS.  I can never get them figured out, sorry :/





1- DO NOT SEND IN MORE THAN 1 REQUEST AT A TIME!  Once your request is posted you can send in another ;)

2-  DID YOU  g l e  the song you’re wanting tabbed?  75% of the time they’re already posted on Ultimate Guitar.  (Too many times I get requests for songs already tabbed.  Let’s not waste either of our time!  If the tab you do find seems wrong, let me know in the ‘comment’ section of your request.)

3-  SUBSCRIBE to LLG♥ ↓  This is a must!  You’ll  then receive notification of when your tab is posted!

4-  FILL OUT request form completely!  All links must be working!  (Can’t find lyrics?  Then type them in the ‘comment’ section.)  I will NOT type out lyrics from a lyric video!  I will NOT type out lyrics from a lyric video!  If the lyrics are posted in the video description where I can copy/paste them, then let me know that in the ‘comment’ section.



Maybe it ‘s not clear- I   WILL   N O T   T Y P E   O U T   L Y R I C S   FROM   YOUTUBE !!!   Sheesh!




T A B    R E Q U E S T    F O R M:  (DO NOT SEND IN MORE THAN 1 REQUEST AT A TIME! Once your request is posted you can send another in.)  And FYI: I leave notes by your request (below) so check back here on it’s progress :)

REMEMBER: I’m only one person who has a family and home to take care of.  They’re my 1st priority ;)  I do this on the side, when I have free time.   TRANSLATION:  YOU MIGHT BE WAITING A WHILE ;)   If you need it for a performance or such, let me know and I’ll try to speed it up! (NOTE: Your email is only required for me to get in touch with you about your request (if needed).  It will NOT be displayed anywhere publicly or used for anything else.)


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If your request is no longer listed and I didn’t post chords,  then check the “Removed Requests” list below.  Removed requests and reasons will only be posted for a couple of weeks.

Also! Bookmark this page and check back!  I add notes to your requests :)   *Click HERE to contact me about your request.*

(Updated 2/17/17)


Workin’ Woman Blues by Valerie June (Zach) I’ve emailed you…

Satisfied by Jennifer Kamikazi (Tom) The picking does seem simple but we’ll see!

Concrete Jungle by Au/Ra (Sarah)

Are You Listening by Aranda (Mariano) Idk about the picking pattern but it does sound kind of simple.  We’ll see!

Thoughts by Michael Schulte (Skyler) Idk about the picking pattern but I’ll try!

Cape Caem theme from Final Fantasy 15 OST (Tian) This is a tall order! Lol, I’m not that good at picking patterns.  I’ll give it a try but it is unlikely! Chords maybe are doable- Do you want just the chords if I can’t get the picking pattern? ClickHEREabove to let me know!

Chain(sanu ik pal chain) by Shivai Vyas (Pawan) So with this being a language I don’t speak, chord placement will not happen.  The most I’ll be able to do (if I can even figure it out) is give you a chord progression for the different parts.  Also, that picking at the beginning- if your wanting that, well that will never happen! Unfortunately I’m not that good :(

The Fight/Where Is The love by Megan Davies (Pilar)

Sincerely Me by Artist Vs. Poet (Sabrina)

Adore by Amy Shark (Emily)

White Noise by Bad Flower (Yazmin)

The Rush by Clara McHugh (Lauren) starting 2/12… this is tough, idk…. 2/17-still trying


If you’re wondering where your request stands- I work from the bottom up…mostly. I have notes on the tabs I’ve started and they could be finished and posted in hours or a few days (weeks if it’s giving me problems.) If I’m stuck on a tab I’ll move on to work on the tab above it. That should give you a general idea.


*-*-*-*-REMOVED REQUESTS-*-*-*-*

Too difficult/No lyrics/Chords are already out there... g l e before making a request! 

**Click HERE to contact me about your removed request.**

Christmas by Waterparks (Bailey) I just can’t get this one!  Sorry :(

A Balearic Dinner by Sunlounger (Gael) If you’re wanting the picking, that will never happen.  Way too difficult for my novice skills! Let me know! I don’t even know about the chords for this one….

Black Walls by Pavement (Brian) 1/27- Was going to start but realized no lyrics were sent in with request…..

Song 2 You by Victoria Justice (amira sufya)- Was gonna start tabbing and realized you sent a lyric video link  instead of a link to actual lyrics :/