About LLG♥

Hi there!  Here’s a little about me:

I’m a married, stay at home mom, who loves to play guitar!  I first picked up a guitar in January of 2010, and haven’t put it down since!  I LOVE IT!

I’ve never played any instrument or have had any kind of music lesson in my life.  However, I’ve always been able to mess around on a piano and figure out the tune of a song  (right hand only.)

I found a guitar home at UltimateGuitar.com as *cristy♥twilight I started posting my guitar chords there and people actually liked them!   As of 2014 I’ve got 300+ chords/tabs posted on UG with millions of hits to them and 99% are 5 stars!! (The other 1% are 4 stars, so not too shabby!)

So what brought me here?  Boredom!  My daughter started 1st grade so I needed something to do during the day. I love design and creating (I’ve dabbled in home decorating; very fun spending other peoples $$,)  so building this website has been fun!

What will be on here?  I like a lot of things besides guitar stuff and will post random stuff as well:)  I obsess about new/indie artists on youtube and have many that I really love :)  Send me links of new artists you love!

So that’s about it :)

Have fun!!



Have any Questions??? Email me :)


* In 2010 when I registered on UG,  I was in deep with the whole “Twilight Saga” that was currently happening- hence the screen name. At that time, never did I think in a million years I’d be posting chords and actually be good at it!  I was just teaching myself to play.  I tried changing my screen name over there and couldn’t :(   At that point I had too many followers and submitted chords to trash the account and start over *sighs*   So I guess I’ll be like Edward Cullen over on UG- Forever 17!  Lol!!  That screen name screams “Teenager”!!!




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  1. Hello LLG!
    I love all your guitar chords. Thank you so much for sharing this♥ Your site really motivates me to play more songs. I actually have a blog where I started to translate Taylor Swift’s lyrics in Korean. (My blog is in Korean, though ?)
    I hope you don’t mind me sharing your web link to my posts — so that others can visit your website and practice guitar just like I did! But if you don’t like it, please let me know and I will delete the link to your page :)

    1. I’m glad you like my tabs :) No I don’t mind you sharing the link! The more the merrier :)

  2. Thank you so much for these awesome transcripts!!

    This is now my second year of playing the electric guitar and being a beginner, its hard to find songs that you like AND are capable of playing. So when i found This Love by Taylor Swift on UG and got the hand of it, I had to scope out your profile. I found your blog and ive been browsing through all the songs and I can’t wait to have a go at all of them!!

    Lots of love,


  3. Hi! Thanks so much for this blog it helps me sooo much! I’m self taught and have been playing for two years and am really good at figuring out the strumming but I always struggle with chords and no one does them as accurate as you! Thank you!!!

  4. Hi LLG! ☺️ Many greets from Germany! I am so happy that I found your lovely page! I played the guitar for about a year, and I just like the chords. *giggle* When I looked for the song “Love Myself” by Hailee Steinfeld ?, your tabs were the BEST!!! Thank you so much for creating this wonderful website! ^-^ I wish you a nice weekend!
    Jackie xx

    1. I’m happy you found it as well!! Thanks for the nice comment, I really appreciate it :) :)

  5. Hey, I’m a work from home Dad, who found the guitar on September 29, 2011 (I remember the date well), and I have never put it down (I own 5 now). Anyway, I spend a lot of time on YouTube and watched a nice rendition of Brandon Ray doing I’ll be Home for Christmas and wanted a set in the Key if “G” with Capo. Your version on UG fit the bill nicely!

    Well done, really good use of 7th’s and Major to Minor transitions (C -> Cm). I will record this one tomorrow (once I learn all the words). I like it capo’d on 6 or 7 (depending on how it sounds tomorrow with the voice – too quite in the hose now to really sing).

    Cheers! Just found your site from UG and thought I would leave a comment.

  6. Hi LLG!
    I’m following your site and UG tabs for a long time! I love your simple chords, without it, I wouldn’t be playing guitar so good today! I started with T-Swift songs which I learned so quick and she’s the reason I started playing guitar! And today I’m a good guitarist :) I also played keyboard before guitar and used to find any song tune myself with right hand only.. I’m writing this today because it’s a special day…

    It’s Taylor Swift’s birthday!!! Yay!!!!
    I wanna thank you and her for inspiring me to play.. And the player gonna play play play.. Haters gonna hate hate hate LOL
    Anything special to post on her b’day? :P
    So happie that she’s the most followed person on Insta!
    And 1989 was a great success of her! I also start loving synth-pop because of her!! So many things I learned from her… Can’t express here much.

    Happie Birthday, T-Swift… Let’s celebrate her success!

    Forever Swiftie <3
    Forever LLG <3

    1. This is the best comment! I love that my chords have helped you :) :) :) Inspired by me? Wow, what a compliment!! I love you, lol! That’s all I want- for everyone to love guitar like I do! If I make it as simple as possible, maybe, just maybe the beginning guitarist won’t give it up too soon before it all ‘clicks’!!

      And for me (and Taylor actually) her birthday isn’t until tomorrow! It’s still December 12th here in the US :) (Well, if she’s on the east coast then yeah, it is now past midnight as I type this I guess…. lol!)

      I don’t know if I’ll have anything special to post tomorrow in honor of her birthday… I’m so busy with the holidays right now, even finding time to get tab requests figured out is proving tough!! So we’ll see.

      Well, thank you for the great comment!! Happy Holiday!! :)

  7. Hi Kristy ! I am a full time guitar teacher and have used many of your posts off UG to teach my kids (especially your T Swifts !) LOVE your site here, but how can I print without all the garbage (like UG has a “print” button to click on) also PLEASE post a pic of your self so we can see what Kristy Twilight looks like ! THX ! Marc

    1. Wow, I get scared when people who really know what they’re doing (teachers and such) use my site *eeks!* I know you have to be shaking your head at how I do some things, with my ‘no guitar/musical theory knowledge’ and all, lol! But I’m so glad you like the site!

      I can add a ‘print’ button on the pages that will eliminate the garbage -I think. I’ll look into it right now… Oh and also, I think I still have a pic up on UG in my pictures on my profile page over there. I guess maybe I should ‘reveal’ myself over here too…

    2. So I added the print button and it still shows all the garbage and not just the tab, so that didn’t work. But all you have to do is just highlight the tab (right click and drag the cursor down) when it’s all blue, release and right click again in the blue and click ‘print’. It will then only print the tab :)

  8. Hey :) I’m not a very experienced guitar player (I taught myself how to play), so I still don’t know how to figure out the strumming pattern of some songs. I was thinking maybe you can post that along with your tabs? I would really appreciate it :)

    1. I’m self taught as well :) So with strumming, I don’t know any actual ‘patterns’ that are ‘the standards’. Strumming just kind of ‘clicked’ for me (I mostly just strum to the beat of a song…) but I’m gonna try to find some ‘help with strumming’ articles and get them posted on here :)

    2. It’s kinda ‘clicked’ for me, but for some songs I have a hard time adjusting to the tempo, so get really confused. It would really help me. Thanks :)

  9. Hey there, Frizzleliz again!
    I was thinking- all of these tabs can be applied to Ukulele as well, even if they have to be transposed rather than using a capo. How about mentioning that somewhere? I’m not sure how you could but just throwing that out there- a lot of people so to have been picking up Uke lately as an easy alternative to guitar- may get your site even more viewers!

  10. OMG! I absolutely LOVE your website!! I am sixteen and I play an acoustic guitar. Your tabs and chords for all your songs are pretty much spot on and I find that amazing considering that you are self taught. You must be very talented. There’s a girl on YouTube called Katniss62 and she has a couple of songs that are her own on there. Can you look at her and figure out the chords for them for me please? If you can that would be wonderful! xx

    1. Yes, I was using W3 total cache and I disabled it and deleted all its files in .htaccess. This did help me and eliminated the problem of the mobile version showing up when accessing the site from a desktop, but it still shows up on mobile devices- just randomly. I will definitely check out the link you sent. Thank you sooo much :) :)

  11. I love all your tabs..whether it be on UG or here.. Just love ’em all… Thanks for uploading them.. and love how quick you are at this… YOUR FOREVER FAN..

  12. The song suggestions I was looking for were just general popular songs that kids might enjoy hearing and singing along with like “Let It Go”. I am just way out of touch with what kids listen to. I wanted to put together a list of songs to entertain inpatient children at the hospital. (I have an okay voice so they wouldn’t judge me too harshly, where an adult might not be very impressed… haha) ;-)

    I do have a small number of videos on YouTube, if you wanted to check one out. (cell phone recording in a cabin on the big island of Hawaii)

    I like Taylor Swift and Katy Perry as well and would definitely include some of their songs(Firework, Our Song, Mine) and also Bruno Mars. One Direction? Not familiar with their songs; only familiar with the group name of that boy band. I will YouTube them.

    So, yes, any suggestions that you might have (trying to put together a list of 12 songs or so to play) would be greatly appreciated.

  13. Firstly, I wanted to say thank you. You put a great deal of time and effort into something you love to do and you take the time to share your passion.

    I found this site through your posting of “A Thousand Years” on UG. You have made my favorites list! You have a fantastic ear…

    As a mother, would you care to share a list of songs that children enjoy? Trying to put together a list of fun, positive, empowering songs.

    Lastly, I really like your interpretation of “Let It Go”; it is terrific. (Posting the video with the scroll feature on the page was genius.) I would add one tiny suggestion. On the second bridge where you hang out on C, I tried bouncing between C and Cadd9 on each quarter beat which seemed to work pretty well. I did the same king of thing on the following D chord with the G string.

    Thanks again, for all you do here and on UG.


    1. Thank you, I appreciate your nice comment :)

      I just tried your suggestion on “Let It Go” and that does sound good! I’ll try to get it added in there (I’m so busy right now with the new Taylor Swift album, requests and just being a mom in general…)

      What kind of kids songs did you have in mind? Twinkle Twinkle Little Star type songs? My 8 year old daughter loves Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, One Direction… you see where this is going? She’s 8 going on 14! Give me some suggestions!

  14. Hey! :) Have you heard of Shawn Mendes? Along with this I’ll be sending a request for his song chords, but you should check him out. He’s a 15 year old and has gotten so noticed during this last year, he’s really good. A couple of his songs are already on UG but they’re very complicated and I’d hoped you might be able to simplify them a bit. Thank you! <3

    1. I have just recently heard of him. I’ll check out the versions over there and see what I can do to simplify.

  15. Hey! I don’t know if u heard them before, but I’m obsessing with The Vamps, from my perspective they are good. I don’t think they are indie anymore. :)

    1. I have heard of them but I don’t know any of their music. My daughter watches Disney Channel and they have been spotlighting them on there quite a bit :)

    2. I also love The Vamps, namely the songs Wild Heart and Somebody to You (which features Demi Lovato). I have been able to find a good tab for the latter but I can’t find an easy one I like for Wild Heart. Could you make one?
      On another note, I really like your tabs. I mainly play ukulele (all though I am taking a guitar class and my dad happens to be a guitar teacher), but my friend whom I play with in a little cover-band-thing plays guitar and many tabs I find of various songs are either to hard for me or to hard for her since I don’t use a capo. It gets really confusing when I have to transpose and she uses a capo and we’re reading the same UG page. Most of the tabs you do are easy for both of us to play, which is nice, and you actually put the chords the whole way through so it’s ok if we don’t have them memorized.
      You said you’ve messed around with the piano, figuring out songs by ear- ever thought about making tutorials? YouTube needs a good piano tutorial page. I’ve been playing since I was five and also enjoy figuring out songs by ear, but sometimes I just don’t have the time to figure out an entire song, and it’s hard to find any good tutorials for songs I enjoy, such as some of the older Taylor Swift songs (I’m from the Speak Now Era).
      Anyway, Keep doing what you’re doing :)
      ~ Frizzleliz
      (Also on UG as Frizzleliz)

    3. Hey, Frizzleliz-

      Why don’t you use a capo, do you just not have one? My capo is seriously my best friend, lol!

      So about the piano stuff- I don’t even have a piano and I cannot play the piano. But- when I am around a piano, I can (with the right hand only) figure out the melody of pretty much any song. But me doing a piano tutorial would be a joke, lol.

      Lastly, I got your request and will get it on the list! Glad you like the site :) :)

    4. Hey Nina, if you’re getting this convo between myself and Frizzleliz in your email , sorry! I didn’t realize she replied to your original comment :)

  16. Hey! I loveeeee the band city and colour!!!!! the have a song called the girl that is soooo good! check them out!

    1. Thanks Lydia! They are really good; I hadn’t heard of them before :) Had to look up the chords as soon as I heard the song! And yay they were on UG :)

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